Furniture Design & Custom Build

If you love beautiful timber and furniture with soul our custom built furniture is for you.

Makers of Traditional, Modern & Bespoke Furniture

All pieces are made in solid timber and incorporate the best of traditional and modern cabinet making techniques.

Photography by Kay Drabsch

Designing Together

By working together we will create your special and unique piece.

Furniture Range

Tables, coffee tables, hall tables, entertainment units, bedside cabinets are a few examples of furniture that we make to order.


Our pieces are superior because of the attention paid to detail. Labour intensive finishing processes, including hand sanding and traditional hand French polishing, result in the creation of individual and beautiful pieces of furniture.

Photography by Kay Drabsch

Each piece is made wholly in Adelaide by local craftsmen and artisans using natural materials. Buy local and reduce the global footprint.

M: 0407 610 187